Thursday, January 22, 2015

Baby Mathews Update

We have arrived safely at 12 weeks! I had my 12 week appointment on Monday, January 19th. It was a state holiday so Hunter hunted in Camden & Mama went to the doctor with me. She was so excited! I was hoping they'd do an ultrasound but they didn't. We got to hear the heartbeat with the Doppler for the first time but he didn't tell me the rate. After we left, we went to my work & took a peek at him/her with the ultrasound, just so Mama could see movement. I keep wanting to look at him/her at work, just so I know everything is still ok....hopefully when I feel a little movement in there, I'll chill out a little bit. Dr. Lawhon let me stop taking the progesterone, yay!!!!

Not much has changed, otherwise. I still want fruit...and McDonald's fries. Hunter has been so good to put up with me....he has been on numerous grocery store trips for fruit & even brought some to work because I called him with a pitiful sob story about how bad I wanted blackberries, blue berries & raspberries RIGHT THEN. I've been tearing up watermelon, strawberries & pineapples, too! Since I'm going to need quite a few days off in August, I've started working 4 & 5 12 hour shifts a week, rather than just my normal 3 shifts. I figured I better work lots while I can & save up money now, before I get huge. Thank God for Hunter....he's been so good to wash dishes, wash clothes & cook dinner. There have been a few times when I've told him I'm going to make a list of what NOT to say to your pregnant wife. For example, the night he said, "you're going to eat ALL of that???" I'm not as tired as I was in the beginning, thankfully! I gag every morning when I brush my teeth & I get a little nauseated at 5:00 every afternoon- it's really weird!

I go back on February 9th for a 15 week checkup & blood work then 2 weeks later at 17 weeks to find out the gender on February 27th birthday!!!!  That might possibly be my most favorite birthday present, EVER!!! I have decided on names....and Hunter has decided on names....but apparently there will be blood shed before we agree on ANY of them. I'm such a sentimental family person & I want to use family names. Hunter's choices come from way out in left field. My sweet mother-in-law & I cleaned out closets so baby has room for lots of clothes!

Will update more after my 15 week appointment! We love you all!

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